Selling a boat only requires one interested person. In order to seize that person’s attention, though, you need to put your listing in the right place. Advertise in the wrong place or way, and you may end up holding onto your used boat for longer than you wanted. So where is the best place to sell a boat?

Keep reading to find out.

Where is The Best Place to Sell a Boat?

Long ago, in a not-so-distant past, the internet was much more limited than it is now. People would put a cardboard For Sale sign on their boat, park it in the marina or on the lawn of their home, and just wait. Maybe you would pay the newspaper to advertise your boat for a few weeks. You might talk to your friends and family about any potential buyers.

However, this was a terrible way to sell anything.

Fortunately, the digital world has revolutionized the way we buy and sell anything, including boats. In other words, the best place to sell a boat is online.

But that doesn’t mean you can’t list your boat anywhere. You need to be slightly more selective than that. An online broker, like Yacht Brokers of Annapolis, is the best place to sell your boat because yacht brokers have access to a central MLS to advertise your boat to buyers all over the world.

Why You Should Sell Your Boat Online

The perfect scenario looks like this: You put your boat in the water at the marina for the end of the season and someone approaches you to buy it. After a quick negotiation of the price, you are shaking hands, exchanging the title and registration, and going on with your life.

It sounds great, but this rarely happens anymore. Plus, a “For Sale” notice at a single marina severely limits your reach. By selling your boat online and through a broker, you get a much wider reach—not just local, but international. Most brokers have websites that draw thousands, if not millions, of visitors a month.

Boat shoppers tend to go to a well-trusted broker first.

Additionally, reputable yacht brokers will advertise your boat on other sites, not just their own. For instance, YachtWorld is where boats are listed through brokers. There are nearly 3,000 international brokerages using the site.

Tips For Making an Online Listing Stand Out

If you want your boat sold faster, there is more to do than using a reliable broker. You must craft the perfect listing. Spend some time discussing your listing with the broker you choose. You want to come up with a few selling points that are bound to draw attention. Make sure the information you give is relevant to those searching for a boat.

Here are some other tips that will get your boat noticed:

  • Know the dimensions and specifications of the craft, such as tank sizes, LOA, and gross weight.
  • Mention any brand-name equipment on the vessel, including details about the electrical equipment.
  • Note the best features of the boat, especially upgrades you had done.
  • Know the status of warranties. How much longer does the new owner have before those warranties run out?
  • Have a copy of the title, registration, and any documentation ready to go (remember, boats don’t sell without paperwork!)
  • Be sure to take high-quality pictures of the boat. You want high-resolution, wide-angle shots that capture the design, both inside and out. If you use a low-quality photo, it will negatively impact any first impressions and potentially drive interested buyers elsewhere.

Often, brokers will provide you with a list of things to do before finalizing the listing on your boat to give you the best chance. When in doubt, ask! Lastly, make sure the listing is easy to understand, grammatically correct, and digestible.

Does the Physical Location of a Boat Matter?

When thinking about the best place to sell a boat, an online listing undoubtedly beats any other kind of advertising. That said, a location that is easy for buyers to get to will yield more interest, especially for buyers that are coming from out of town to see your boat.  A boat that is a three hour drive from the nearest airport will have less interest than one that is easily seen in one afternoon.

Similarly, the physical place you sell your boat also influences how fast it is sold. Make sure you have your boat at a decent marina and put it somewhere where it can be seen. The marina and the boat itself play into the first impression.

Let Us Help You Sell Your Boat

Where is the best place to sell a boat? Through an online brokerage, like Yacht Brokers of Annapolis. Advertising your boat online has numerous benefits, as does working alongside an experienced broker. Not only will your boat be seen by way more potential buyers, but you will also get to sell your vessel more quickly.

Yacht Brokers of Annapolis has years of experience both owning boats and selling them. Our friendly team can help you through the buying or selling process, so you can get the results you want, faster. Give us a call or send us a message today.