Modern times are great. You can stay at home and buy or shop for a boat online. From looking at pictures online, taking a tour of the vessel, and making contact, most of the steps can be done virtually. This raises the question of why you should use a yacht broker to buy or sell a boat. What do yacht brokers really do that makes them indispensable? Turns out, a yacht broker is someone who wears many hats, as they can help you in a number of ways.

What is a Yacht Broker?

A yacht broker is someone who goes above and beyond in helping you buy or sell your boat. They are also more than a source of vessels for sale in your area. Yacht brokers are knowledgeable about boats of all kinds and the boating lifestyle, which makes them an excellent resource. They know how to negotiate with sellers to get you a great price, draw up legal documentation, and provide insight throughout your journey to buy or sell a boat.

Partnering up with a trustworthy and experienced yacht broker takes the stress out of the buying and selling process. Our team at Yacht Brokers of Annapolis knows the importance of finding the right boat for you (and can also tell you plenty of stories about living on a boat).

What Does a Yacht Broker Do For The Seller?

When you decide that you want to sell your vessel, you may be overwhelmed by everything that is involved. Plus, you probably have questions like, “When is the best time to sell a boat?”

A yacht broker sits down with you to discuss the market, as well as what price your boat will fetch. Since yacht brokers are highly educated when it comes to the boating market, they can also recommend repairs and improvements to boost the resale value of your vessel. If you decide to list with the brokerage, they will portray your boat in the best light to attract many potential buyers.

Yacht Brokers of Annapolis, for example, markets your boat online and gets in contact with any buyers that may be interested. They may also post the listing on other sites to generate more interest. As soon as there is a buyer, the broker acts as a mediator between you and the other party, discussing surveys, legal forms, offers and counter-offers, sea trials, and more. Any legal jargon that you don’t understand, they will translate.

What Does a Yacht Broker Do For The Buyer?

Yacht brokers do more than list boats on their website. When you hire a yacht broker, you are getting something like a real estate agent for boats. They will listen to your wants and needs, define which boats suit your budget and preferences, and start from there. If you have questions about the merits of a certain build or engine, rest assured that a yacht broker can answer the question.

A yacht broker also widens the pool of what is available. Many boat listings are available only to brokers, meaning that you wouldn’t be able to see them without a professional’s assistance. Furthermore, there are some international databases that you may not know about.

You can even expect discussions about potential resale value and financing. Once you have figured out which boat you want, the yacht broker does the hard work. This includes negotiating the price, drawing up the contact, and scheduling a test drive and surveys.

What Other Things Can a Yacht Broker Do?

As you can see, there is more to the yacht broker than dealing with monetary transactions. Yacht brokers are advisors, researchers, and partners through your boating journey. Whether this is your first boat purchase or your fifth time selling, working through a yacht broker will teach you things you never knew about the process—and make it more enjoyable.

Yacht brokers can also go above and beyond your expectations. Do you have questions about marine surveys? What about the insurance you need? Or the bill of sale? How do you get your boat to the marina once you made your purchase? These are all questions that a yacht broker can answer, because the chances are that they had to figure it out before!

Let Us Help You Buy or Sell Your Boat Today

Although all yacht brokers know how to find you a buyer or seller for your boat, each broker is different. Make sure you find a yacht broker that you can trust, who is respectable and cares about your satisfaction. At Yacht Brokers of Annapolis, our team is more than trustworthy. Our journeys at sea have given us a unique perspective on buying, selling, and owning boats. Count on us to exceed your expectations when it comes to the buying or selling process. Get in touch with us today to learn more!