We’ve really been trying to get into the Christmas spirit lately. We’ve found that no matter how hard we try, it’s just not the same this year on the boat. Which stinks, because normally we LOVE Christmas. I’m that girl who starts listening to Christmas music in early November as she’s sipping her Peppermint Latte wishing for snow in the forecast. By early December, we have the tree up, every nook of the house decorated and our annual Christmas cards addressed and in the mail (they were even homemade last year!).

But this year? Nada. Zip. Zero. The pathetic attempt we made was to put a 2? fake tree that my mom had in the attic from my freshman year in college out on our cockpit table. That’s it. It’s almost so lame, that it doesn’t even justify a photo. In fact, I think it’s actually hindered rather than helped our holiday spirit. No offense to the trees. It is not it’s fault that we’ve been so bah-humbug lately.

See, we’ve found ourselves missing our lives on land more and more these days. We fantasize about things like lounging on our couch watching a movie with a roaring fire and a dimly lit Christmas tree in the background. Free laundry and covered parking. Not having to deal with moisture issues from all of the condensation in the boat, or blowing a fuse when I forget to turn off the heater when I turn on my hair dryer. Having unlimited hot showers just 10 feet away from my bedroom. Ahh, the list goes on.

But, we know it’s temporary. As soon as spring comes and we’re able to get the wind in our sails and the warm sum on our backs, we’ll be singing a different tune for sure. Or so we hope!

We stepped out on the town this weekend to have dinner with friends from our old neighborhood and to watch the annual Annapolis Parade of Lights Show downtown. There were a lot of really neat boats this year! My favorite was the Jerry X-Mas boat.

sorry for the blurry pics… some of the boats were going pretty fast!