Hope you all had a great 4th of July and were able to catch a firework show last night. We weren’t sure if the show was going to go on, with a hurricane (!) barreling up the east coast. What a bummer for all those folks at the NC beaches that were forced to evacuate just before the holiday weekend. Turns out this storm made history by being the first hurricane to hit the east coast this early in the season. Lucky them, huh? Lucky us, because the storm brought a cold front up the coast that pushed out all the humidity and dropped temps into the mid 70’s. Two days ago it was so hot and humid here you could practically wear the weather, and now it feels like a gorgeous day in late September. Go figure.

We celebrated the 4th by taking the boat up the Severn River with our friends, Garrett & Jill, to hang out, go for a swim, and generally revel about how lucky we were to be given such an awesome day. Ah, summertime and the livin’s easy. Instead of dropping anchor, we grabbed a mooring ball – which was the first time we’ve ever done this on the catamaran – and did a happy dance (read: I did a happy dance) when we picked it up on the first try. It’s small victories like that, that make you think ‘Hey, we might actually sort of know what the heck we’re doing on this boat’. Now that I said that, I bet we do something soon that makes us look like complete Rookies and puts us back in check. Hey, at least we didn’t have any incidents this year like we had last Forth of July. Like I said, small victories 🙂

We were back at the dock just in time for the awesome firework show, compliments of the City of Annapolis.